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Retraining, splitting the group, Changing group dynamic

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The girl Im rat sitting for just mailed to say she has taken a job where she is (overseas) and she needs to rehome them. Aside from the finantial commitment of 4 extra rats...
They are messy-poo everywere, bowl tipped over

They are fat-ok they're big rats but they are flabby

One bit me so hard I bled-I think it might have been a mistake cus I was handing out baby corn at the time

They dont know thier names

Only one is friendly-I wanted a cuddly rats next

Is there any hope of re training middle aged rats?
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Re: Advice please-REtraining

They look very happy and playful! I wish my boys were that energetic lol they are big lumps most of the time but occasionally run around and wrestle eachother as well as myself. They are sooo lazy XD

Sounds like she dumped them on you D: Doesn't seem fair to me. It's really up to you if you can keep them, or if you want to keep them. You can always try rehomeing them or finding a rat shelter to take them in. But they look so happy with you and don't seem that bad from the video. With work I'm sure that biter will calm down. They don't really look all that fat to me. Their cage is probably messy cause they are not used to comming out and might calm down if given play time everyday.

A snipped male with six females would be fine. I suppose the big thing is considering if your ready for challenging rats, if you have enough room for them, and if you have the finances for them. Ultimately it's your decision.
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Re: Retraining rescue rats/splitting the group (+Vega pic)

Fat bottom rats they make the rockin' world go round *sings* XD
I think I read somewhere that in the wild the overthrown alpha's become the Omegas and that the omegas are actually in that position because they have the better chance to become alphas *digs link*

It really depends on the rat. Keep in mind what you quoted was studying wild rats and mostly males. So that is a worse case/ most feral scenerio seen in the most agressive circumstances. Females pretty much all tend to be bettas from what I have read. They do have alphas within themselves but they have the betta style personalities, laid back and not really caring where they fit in the pack as long as they are in.

I'm currently trying to figure out who to neuter. I think that is a whole other thread in itself (and my threads tend to not ever have anyone help me out through D:) but it's causeing me to evaluate pack dynamics. I know who the alphas are but I'm debating whether to neuter the strong and good alpha and/or Bert who has fear agression and is the alpha in another cage and would potentially be the omega if everyone was together.
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