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Retraining, splitting the group, Changing group dynamic

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The girl Im rat sitting for just mailed to say she has taken a job where she is (overseas) and she needs to rehome them. Aside from the finantial commitment of 4 extra rats...
They are messy-poo everywere, bowl tipped over

They are fat-ok they're big rats but they are flabby

One bit me so hard I bled-I think it might have been a mistake cus I was handing out baby corn at the time

They dont know thier names

Only one is friendly-I wanted a cuddly rats next

Is there any hope of re training middle aged rats?
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Re: Retraining rescue rats/splitting the group (+Vega pic)

you know the saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks? its a bunch of bull... the only problem with training the full grown version of any animal is that they're not as curious as they were when they were little, therefore not as easily manipulated. BUT with patience and hard work you'll see your efforts eventually pay off... the trick to training any animal is rewarding them with something that appeals to them, for some its food, for others its toys, even an extra bit of attention can sometimes do the trick, it really all depends on the animal and how much time you're willing to spend just trying. :) good luck, its probably going to be difficult, but it can definately be accomplished!
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