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One year ago, my sister and I got 2 female rats. A siamese dumbo rex runt, Ari, and a hooded rat, Sadie. Ari was sneezy when we got her, and she developed wry neck within the first few weeks. She got it bad, tumbling, waltzing, and throwing her head around and running into things. She recovered for the most part, but continued to throw her head back and was anything but graceful. She was cuddly though, and was very cute, retaining her squishy baby cheeks even as an adult.

Now to the sad part.
(Reader beware, this is a bit gory)

I left my house for a week to visit my dad in ND. I left plenty of food and water for Sadie and Ari before I left. I came home, my sister went to greet the rats, and I heard a piercing scream. Ari was freshly dead. And her head had been half eaten off.

Apparently the pair had devoured all the food in the first two or three days, leaving nothing for the rest of the week. Ari, who was not only a poorly bred runt, was also underweight, and had suffered from severe wry neck and resperatory diseases, was just too frail to go on without food for those last few days. Sadie, the larger, stronger rat was also hungry, and resorted to eating Ari as an instinctive survival mechanism.

Rip, Ari, you are missed. Not only by me and my sister, but by my friends and younger siblings as well. 😭💕💔
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