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RLR's New Rescues! UPDATE: 16 days old!

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Rattie Love Rescue has 7 new arrivials yesterday. :lol:

Lilly, London and eight 2 week old babies arrived 2 weeks ago. Lilly was pregnant again. :?

Yesterday, she popped!

First off, the video! Watch it!
(It looks like my partner drops a ritten, btw. She didn't, promise!)

Now, the pics. :D The colors are screwy, they're a lot lighter in color then they look.

You can probably tell which is the runt... It's so much smaller. There's another that's not much bigger. However, everyone has good milk bands and mama's taking good care of them all.
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Re: RLR's New Rescues! Day Old Rittens

Why is it so much fun to put eepers in containers? I have like 5 trillion photos of babies in teacups, baskets, bowls, etc. It's just so darn cute.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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