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Run away rat

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The other night Poppy fell off the top of the cage in a box (should have seen that coming, box has been moved now).
She was hiding behind dressser and pile of stuff that is my floor, I got her back in the cage with a yogie.
They have allways stayed on and around the cage when its open-I guess they're eather home lovers or dont want to take the leap of faith to the floor.
Last night I took Poppy to my bed to put her flea medicine on but before we made it she jumped to the floor and diapeared behind the dresser again.
Is she trying to runn away cus she unhappy?
Just nosey?
I'm scared to let her out any play now incase she runs away cus my house isnt rat proofed. Im moveing soon and what my new room to be but in the mean time I have a problem :(
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Ive been thinking about not caring about sleeping in rat wee so they can run about the bed! Shes so quick-it took me ages to catch her lastnight and the more I tryed the more she ran! Once I got her I gave her a hug and she was ok. Oh Im just all nervous now :)
Oooh thats a good tip-she was diving under a pile of folders last night
thanks :)
Ive just spent the 3rd night in a row trying to get Poppy out from behind the wardrobe :)
Im off to bed!
That sounds graet. I really want my room rat proofed when I move.
I call there name when I want there attention and when I have food. I think they know sometimes. Poppy was fine o the bed for a while-running around and then coming back to me but then she just made a break for it! I do have alot of stuff it must be interesting :)
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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