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Hello, fellow rodent-lovers. My name is Katie (aka Kat aka KT aka K8), and I am a teen who is a soon to be rat mommy (maybe :p ). I've owned a rat before, but that was YEARS ago, and I was uninformed and did NOT take care of her well-- totally did not deserve a rat at that age. Nancy was my lonely female who lived in a small cage meant for Syrian hamsters, was fed some fatty nut mix, and was mostly forgotten throughout her relatively short and piteous life.
Now, I come back with months of proper research, proper housing prepared, and an idea of appropriate rat breeders. I plan to adopt/purchase two female rats, possibly dwarf. I prefer top-eared rats, and hope to find Siamese/Himalayan/pointed girlies. I'm also considering hairless rats, but I do not like rex rats... :-\
I've gotten a whole long list of names prepared, have begun crafting toys, and am learning about trick training right now. I cannot wait, and hope all questions will be answered here whenever they pop up. :cool:
Once again, greetings.

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