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My name is Maer, I have just joined this and another forum, although this one seems to be a bit more my speed, and I thought I would tell about my babies.
At the moment I have two sisters named D'Arcey and Emmy. D'Arcey is the groomer of the two, she loves to lick you and make sure you are up to snuff. She also loves her food and is the first to take offered snacks. Emmy is shy and quiet, but more adventurous. She could care less about food and is half D'Arcey's size. I got the girls in March the day before I had to put my previous rat, Suki, to sleep. Suki had lung cancer and sh was at a point where she only had 3/4 of one lung working. It was very hard to do and she is missed, but the girls have helped a lot. That's Suki in my icon. At the end of October we lost another rat, Buddy. Buddy was left on my doorstep (literally) covered with fleas and in horrible shape. He was an old guy, but he gained 75 gr back within the next 2 weeks and eventually all his fur grew back (he lost it due to the fleas and malnutrition). I was going to add pictures, but it's not working. I am putting in a link which shows some of the fluffies: http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=4761681&uid=447002
My daughter has a reaction to rats, but doesn't seem to be a serious one. She loves them so much that I have been thinking of looking for a hairless rat for her - one she can cuddle up while I'm cuddling mine.
I look forward to meeting everyone :)
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