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I've had a rat called Leisl for about 3 months and she is still really jumpy. she is friendly and has never bitten me, she comes over to be stroked but is tentative and when i have her out she never settles down and is always flinchy. my two old rats who both recently passed away Torquil (girly) and Zack (a boy) used to come out when ever i was in and have freedom around my entire flat and would generally follow me about. I even used to sleep with them in my bed occasionally! I have two younger ones than Leisl, Hazel and Freyja, who are about 9 weeks old and are friendlier than her, Hazel seems to have the same attitude(ish) as Torquil. I know all rats have their own personalities, which is great, I just wish that Leisl wasn't so timid.

Does any one know what I can do to braven her up a bit? I've tried sitting down with her on her own, but every time I seem to get somewhere she reverts back to her old self!

Hazel when she was a few weeks old

Torquil and me the evening she died :(

Zacky and Torquil, partners in Grime!

Torquil and her daughter Spuggy
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