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I recommended this product based on good results observed on my friends cats and dogs. The healing of large wounds, regaining appetite of very old dog and a few other things.
I want to say I'm not affiliated in any way with this company.
I decided to see how it would work with Rats so I ordered a small package.
First off I want to say its the stinkiest smelling supplement I ever encountered. I had doubts they would even go near it, its made from fermented, cultured whitefish, in a pure white powder. The company primarily sells it for people in capsules, I also bought this for me, and it has been having a most unusual effect on my bowel movements for the positive but thats a different subject. The powder smells like that Vietnamese seasoning Nuc Nuom(fishpaste).
Anyways I started sprinkleing it on the Rats food 2 days ago and they can't stop eating it. It must really smell good to them because the rarely make a dent in the mix saving their appetite for fresh foods, but they are inhaling the doctored mix, this is the only thing I'm positive so far since its only been 2 days, and my Rats are pretty healthy to begin with except for one night of confusion. They do seem a bit more robust, power stretching etc. but I'll have to wait awhile to see anything major.
You can read all you want to at this website. I think someone with alot of Rats, maybe a breeder might want to check into this and could give a more intensive trial.
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