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So I FINALLY got my foster boys! They got here at about 6:30 last night, and I already love them. :) They're all 14 months old, so unfortunately their chances of getting adopted are low. :/

In order of biggest to smallest:

Francois (aka Frankie)
Rat Mammal Mouse Gerbil Muridae
Probably the biggest rat I've ever met. xP He's huge! I haven't weighed them yet, but he's probably twice the size of Tony. It's not even that he's overweight, he's just...big. xD He's pretty curious about things, but nervous about being handled by people, though he doesn't mind being petted. As far as I can tell, he's a dumbo blue hooded.

Sebastian (aka Seb)
Degu Rat Rodent Chinchilla Tail Mammal Vertebrate Rat Rodent Muridae
This rat is impossible to photograph properly. xP Seriously, he never stops moving! He's definitely the friendliest though. He was the first out of the carrier when they got here, and he's the first one out the cage door when free-range time comes around. He seems to like being petted and scratched, and earlier today we were even hand wrestling, which was very adorable. xD I think he's a dumbo agouti variegated?

Tony (aka Toby, because for some reason I keep calling him that!)
Degu Hamster Rodent Rat Muridae Tail Fur Linens
The smallest and most shy of the three. He's very timid, but very sweet from what I can tell. I've gotten him up on my lap, but he jumps off as soon as you try to pet him. xP I believe he's a blue variegated.

Those are my new foster boys, and I love them dearly. :3 I think it'll be pretty easy to gain their trust. They're very food motivated. xD
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