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Hey everyone. I'm seeking to buy a cage for a single rat that I have currently, with room for one more. I had bought a single floor cage marketed for rats from PetsMart and had intended to put mice in it. But long story short, I ended up with my female rat, Molly, and that's where she's living, by herself.

I feel horrible for my baby girl as she's growing rapidly and needs more space. She's also pretty lonely. Molly is not a big plastic chewer, so a plastic bottom is not a big deal. I have about $100 - $125 to spend on the cage alone and can negotiate a price on another rat. You do not need to have a female to sell me a cage, but I CAN NOT take another rat without the space.

I do not have a car, but can take a bus into Albany to pick up a cage if need be. However, if there is an animal involved, she would need to be brought here.

In summary I need
1 cage - sized 2 adult females (plastic okay)
1 female rat

Please let me know if you have anything I may be able to use. Thanks!
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