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Central Texas Rat Rescue's largest fundraising event is coming up fast! The third CTRR Winter Raffle will be held from Dec 1st, 2014, to Jan 1st, 2015. We're in need of donated prizes to help make it a rousing success - can you donate to help us out? Proceeds from the Winter Raffle will allow CTRR to continue to operate for the coming year, helping to save many wonderful ratties, giving them top notch care including spay/neuter, and finding them fabulous forever homes! Donating is a great way to help CTRR along with give your business, hobby, or craft plenty of public exposure. :)

In a prior raffle, we unfortunately had some problems with certain people who offered prizes, and then decided not to send them as promised. As such, we will continue to require that prizes be in-hand before the raffle officially begins and the prizes are listed (unless the donor has previously proved themselves reliable).

Please email [email protected] if you can donate a prize. Thank you so much for your support!
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