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I have 2 girls, Angel and Pepper. I got Pepper about a month after Angel because an accident happens with her old cage mate. Pepper and Angel get along fine. I've had them for about 7 months now but I noticed Pepper was much different. When ever they had free roam time she would rather be just sitting on my lap that run around like Angel. This has gotten worse as time went on. It got so bad that Pepper started chewing through the bottom of her cage to get in bed with me and sleep on me. It go to a point where the cage was un fixable and now we are working on getting a new one for them, so they are in a smaller cage right now. It barely reaches the size requirement so ive been giving them more free roam time. But now it's gotten to the point of Pepper wont even run around with Angel at all and just sits. Her hair is also usually sticking up like shes in fear, and it only calms down when she's with me. She is also Balding alot, but I've noticed that angel doesn't groom her to that extent so I'm think it's from anxiety. We do have 3 dogs upstairs but the only contact they have is faint barking sometimes, which has never bothered Angel, but scares Pepper sometimes. Even right now they are supposed to be doing free roam, but pepper is just hiding under a blanket next to me. She also has a lot of that red liquid coming out of her nose and eyes (I can't remember what it is called but i know it's caused my stress), At first i thought it was just her being in a new home, but it's been so long she should not have this much, it's so bad I have to wipe her face with a cloth. I don't know what to do, she used to be so energetic but as time went on and we got closer she has just formed a separation anxiety from me. Does anybody know what to do in this situation to help her?
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