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Separation for respiratory infection?

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One of my girls has a respiratory infection, shes being treated with antibiotics. My dilemma is that I think it was onset by the stress of losing her sister last Monday and the vet wants her separated from her other sister during the treatment.
She's really stressed and missing her cage mates.

Im worried the added stress of being separated from her other sister will only make it worse.

Is it common to keep them separated for this type of thing?

Should be they in separate rooms?
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Usually it's not common. He might just want her to rest more and not be too hastled by her sisters wanting to play. Whatever she has, they have anyway. But yeah maybe ask why he wants her seperated. If it's because she needs tons of rest, keep her seperated but if he says it's because they can catch whatever she has that really isn't true as they would of already have gotten it....
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