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So I just got Takeo out of his cage and I noticed that he's shaking real bad! It's almost like thre's an earthquake going on inside of him, and it comes in waves. Other than just this he seems quite okay, he's alert and curious. So, I'm concerned, do any of you guys have an idea of what this might be?

Just as I'm writing this he seems to get a bit better, he just climbed up on my shoulder. But I'm still worried, what can this be?
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Is Takeo new? Was it shivers not shaking? If it was shivers it was nerves and a lot of rats will do that when they are uncertain in a situation. New rats do this often.

If it was shaking, with the paws and body jerking, and a fixed attitude, then he shook himself and was fine? Could be a seizure. If it was rythmic back and forth movements it could've been him hiccupping.
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