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(Moderators please redirect me if this is an inappropriate place for this)

My summer job won't come through for another two months and the rat-savings is running low. I finally got back into decent art production and decided to do rat portraits! :D


Prismacolors on white cardstock; portrait of my black barkshire, Acid. Image roughly 4"x4".

Please EMAIL me: [email protected].

Prices and payment will be discussed discreetly through the email; prices will be set according to medium, protrait size, number of subjects, etc.

Available mediums:
-Prismacolors(sample above)
-Black/grey ink
-Crayola colored pencils

All available on smooth white cardstock. Backgrounds available.

Beggining sketches are also an option.

Please be aware that if you request Prismacolor as your medium, the price will be higher as Prismacolors are expensive(but VERY beautiful). Crayola colored pencils will be similar, but not as smooth.

Due to my being a student, I will need you to understand your commission may take more time than expected to complete. I ask for your patience and cooperation. In addition, I will only take a maximum of ten commissions at a time. I can place you on a 'backlist' of sorts, if you wish, until a space opens up.

One note about payment, I will NOT accept personal checks. I am also setting up a Paypal account.

Thanks for your time! :D
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