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So, as some of you guys know, my Gus passed recently. I've been looking for a local breeder, but the closest is three hours away -- I'm still getting a few girls in December, but -- so I was wandering the local pet stores. I had one little guy in my sights, but he was not healthy, so I decided to avoid that store for now in spite of the frankly fantastic staff members there. I called the other one -- petsmart, I think, they're really VERY good here too; I can disapprove of the company all I want but the employees in ours work their butts off -- and they had one rat.

He'd been in the back for a week because there were too many others rodents out in the displays, and one of the employees had been spoiling him during her breaks. So I went to the store to meet the little dude, and he hopped right on me and started grooming me. No fear poo, no frantic ratbub, no hysterics; he wanted to explore my hair and groom me. Since he'd already been in the back doing his solo routine there and it's been about a week and he was healthy I figured it was semi-safe. His coat is gorgeous and shiny (they were feeding the new oxbow type), his eyes are bright, ears clear, no porphyrin...I hate to jinx it, but man. He is a nice-looking little fella. As calm and curious as you could hope for!

He IS a little young. I don't like that, especially since he'd already been there for a while, but he seems healthy. He prefers the rice/beans/veggies dinner I make for Shawn over his pellets, doesn't hesitate to try new things. He seems to be doing well in his quarantine. It's only been two days, but heck, I already love the little guy. Darn it. He's really just too precious not to.

I am SO getting better pictures of him tomorrow. The bucket was so he felt more comfortable being out; it didn't work, he wanted ME, not the bucket.


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