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She escaped last night...

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So last night, my youngest rat, Peanut, escaped from the cage. She is about 3 months old, and when I first got her I had to keep her in a different cage until I thought she was too big to fit through the 7/8" bars. But, I guess I was wrong, because last night i was walking through the garage door and she shot past me. I chased her around the garage for three hours last night before I gave up and went to bed... she is still in there, i heard her moving around this morning, but am having problems catching her because it's so full of stuff. I'm hoping she'll find her way back to the cage by this evening, or I'm going to have to take every last thing out of thing out of the garage (the garage is attached to the room where her cage is, so i'm leaving the door open and hoping... she has gone hiding before and always goes back to the cage). So this morning I've been looking at new cages, and my options are limited because most of the big nice ones, including the FN, has 1" bar spacing... So my question is, if I cover the cage with wire for a while, will she get too big to get through the normal bars? If so, I will do that for the interim, but I don't really want a cage covered w/ mesh for the next several years, I would rather buy a new one than live with that for more than a couple months. Has anyone else had this problem? I've read that rats will continue to fill out until they're about 6-8 mos old....

Here is the cage I'm looking at:

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Wow I love that cage, it looks a cool design
Sorry cant be of any help :(
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