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Should I Get Him A Friend?

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I have 3 rats. Bear, Dobby, and Sen. Bear is 16 months old, Dobby is 15 months old, and Sen is 6 months old. I adopted Sen a month ago, and didn't introduce him to Bear and Dobby since they are so far apart in age. I really do not want to introduce Bear and Dobby to Sen, I just think it's a bad idea. Should I get a baby rat (1 month old) to keep Sen company?
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Why do you think its a bad idea? Older rats sometimes attack younger ones, so if you're worried about that the give Sen plenty of attention until he's old enough to be introduced.
I think you've pretty much answered your own question, if you don't want to introduce the rats you have to each other getting Sen a friend sounds like your best option...

Just one footnote, it can be a bad idea to keep two groups of rats apart, as they can't interact but know that the other rats are out there they can become stressed or distressed by the presence of strange rats in their home.... this can lead to misbehavior and a nasty conflict if the two groups do accidentally encounter each other. In nature no two rat packs would ever share one normal size home... they would merge or one group would drive the other group out. I'm not saying it can't be done, but things can go wrong with your plan.
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