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shy new babies

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I just got two female rats yesterday, they're about 6 weeks old. I've read that you should give them a few days to settle in. How much space am I supposed to give them? They have an amazing cage with lots of toys and so far they keep to themselves at all times in this nesting tube. If they do happen to peek out and they see me, they scurry right back in the tube.

I've only held them once since I don't want to traumatize them by pulling out the whole tube (I want them to feel like they have a safe zone). Any tips on getting them to trust me? Thanks!

P.S. - they came from a private reputable breeder :)
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I just got my boys yesterday. The breeder that I got them from was a good one, and my boys are not scared of me at all. I put them in the cage after the car ride, and they settled right in, they ran all over the cage exploring, and then started a wrestling match with each other. I waited an hour just to let them settle in and then came back to visit them. They both came running to the door of the cage, poking their noses out at me, and giving me kisses if I gave them my fingers.

After all this I figured it would be ok to play with them, so I opened the cage, and let them smell me and such, and they wanted to wrestle with my hand. Devil (my black berk) actually climbed up my ar and sat on my shoulder grooming himself and then walked right back into the cage. Both of my boys are 5.5 weeks old.

So, if your breeder is really as good as they say I think your girls should at least be somewhat like my boys. Yes, they are a little scared of the big monster hand coming in at times, but for the most part they are all over me the second I open the cage.

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