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shyness/jittery - normal?

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Hi there. :eek:

I'm new here - but I have a few questions about my Ratties. :?:

Since I've got them home yesterday and set up their cage,
they've been acting lethargic. I imagine that's because I look
at them mostly when my light's on (I can hear them running
around at night!).

The friend I got both of them from (both PEW males,
5 weeks old. :eek: ), has been handling them since they
were just tiny babies... So when I pick them up they
don't bite me or anything... They just don't seem
happy to go! >.<

I was wondering wether or not that was normal ... and
curious wether they'll eventually warm up to me. :x
Usually when I handle them they make a straight dart up
to my shoulder (which is awfully cute) .. and they
seem pretty happy to stay there. :)

Maybe I'm just worrying for no reason! lol ..
I'm still so new at this ... >.< :)

~ Kathryne
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I think a cage that size is fine to keep rats in providing they get plenty of out of cage time to exercise
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