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Skittles keeps trying to eat my fingernails

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At first I thought he was trying to eat my fingernail polish, but he's started biting a nail that doesn't have any polish on it. He'll grab my finger very tightly with his little paws, then bite the top of my fingernail like he's trying to scrape the polish off. But it doesn't make sense when he does it to an un-polished nail. I haven't painted my fingers in a while, so it's not like it's new polish he's interested in.

Is it some kind of nutritional deficiency or something, or does he just like the texture of my fingernails? Is there some kind of toy I can get him that will be similar to my nails so he can chew on it and not me? It doesn't hurt, but it's not a habit I want him to get into.
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Some rats like to groom and trim fingernails. I believe a few members on here have rats that have similar habits. It might not be something you can fix, but you can try making a pained rat noise when he does it or giving him a stern "no" if you think he'll listen.
Yeah it's something all my rats have done. Just another way of them grooming you!! I don't think you would need to worry about it getting worse, so to speak. Mine have always been very careful and precise.
Mine bites the end and tries pull the nail off. He never does any damage or causes harm. Ive just put it down yo one of his strange habits
He takes after his mom. Lol she is horrible about nails. Just be glad he isn't like my GusGus. GusGus isn't content with nails, he likes to clean teeth. I've had my mouth pryed open before so he could get to me.
One of my girl's loves biting my nails and tries to chew off pieces trying to groom me. I think it is grooming and she's trying to socialize with me like a rat. I've also seen her hold down a cagemate and chew/tug/bite at their nails, lol.
I've got a couple of manicurists too. My girls never actually bite my nails off, they just sorta chew on them and lick them. Once they finish with my nails, they'll usually move on to grooming/licking my entire hand. It's very sweet.

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