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sleepy or sick or dying???

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im very scared apologies for any typos. i found my rat in his cage sleeping where hs usually doesnt, so i checked on him and he was limp like a ragdoll. he's got plenty of fresh food and water, but hes just lethargic. his body feels and seems normal, his breathing is a little faster than usual but not by much- but he's letting me hold him. hes sleeping in my lap. hes never done any of this and hes just not being himself. he's quite old, 4 or 5 i want to say, but he was fine and active just a few days ago. he isnt caged with any other rats, as hes aggressive over living spaces, but hes been around my other rats for playtime and such and all of them are acting fine.

so sorry if this isnt the right place to ask im just very nervous and worries and if hes going to die in my arms or something i . want to know i guess. thank you in advance
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I'm very sorry for you. It sounds like your little old man is ready to cross the bridge. If your Rat is older than 3 he's really a Methuselah and you're very fortunate to have shared life with him for so long. Being with your Rat and having him pass in your arms is truly a blessing; stay with him as much as you can and hold him, tell him you love him, he certainly loves you. Please keep us posted. Sending you and your sweet little boyo comfort from myself and the RF family.
Oh the sweet baby. Yes, he is very old indeed and cuddling and loving him is the best you can do, as it doesn't seem like he's suffering and needing the trauma of being pts. Hugs to you both.
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