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Sleepy Time Houses

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What is the best type of rat house for cleaning purposes?

Wood? Grass? Plastic? Fleece?

We currently have Grass ones (and they love them) and we are thinking we could wash them with a vinegar water mixture. In the new home we will have a few fleece ones (a friend in making them as I can't sew) I assume I can wash those with vinegar and water too.

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I have two plastic huts in my cage. One is over two years old and the other is over a year old. They can last a very long time. If you're looking for something that will last long I would recommend those. I've never tried grass, but I do have two wooden bend-a-bridges and a wooden house. They will last me about three months or so, depending on how often my rats use them. I will wipe them down a little everytime I clean the cage, but wood absorbs urine so eventually the wood will begin to smell and become stained. Usually, around that time I will throw them out and buy new ones. My rats love the wooden hide-outs, and the reason I keep getting them and replacing them is because they also serve as a great chew toy.

Another option that you might be interested in is to go dollar store hunting for hideouts. I love decorating my cage on occasions, and the dollar store has lots of baskets, things you can hang, and even holiday themed bowls that don't make you feel bad if you're rats chew them apart. Some of their baskets make great hide-outs, and you can zip-tie them anywhere in the cage. =P
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I use these all the time for all my rodent buddies.

Just there are two versions of this...one is real wood and one is plastic made to look like wood. I prefer the wood ones as they look better IMHO.
Thank you! Trying to keep them as healthy as possible and I know organic materials will soak up urine etc.
I use these http://www.amazon.com/Super-Pet-276...qid=1427892062&sr=8-3&keywords=tree+stump+pet. Super easy to clean and I've had them for about 3 years now with no residual urine smell. If you decide to order something like this or any house online, I'd make sure to double check dimensions so that you're getting something that is actually rat size. Typically things marked for ferrets, rabbits or chinchillas are the appropriate size for rats.
Great idea! Thank you so much!
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