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My girls have been on Amoxicillin for about 10 days for their sneezing. The frequent sneezing is gone, but the girls are very lethargic now. They will move, but it feels like they're moving in slow motion compared to how they usually are. They are sleeping a lot more than usual. I did some activities with them a couple of days ago that resulted in them having their first bath with real soap (baby soap, of course) and they were frantic. After that experience, they've been a lot more...tired than usual? They sleep all of the time and seem particularly disinterested in most things. Millie has had super loose stools that I treated with a greek yogurt, raw honey, and applesauce mixture. It worked so well that I didn't see Millie go poo for a considerable time and had to give her a tiny bit of coconut oil with the yogurt to loosen it up. Now it's back to diarrhea, and it's all over her bottom.

She is a very meticulous groomer, but she's not really moving much and I suppose she's sort of given up. When she does move, it's in slow motion. I've seen her fall down and be very clumsy today. Daisy is acting similarly, but not as bad. They also haven't touched their lab blocks in days. They will eat anything else but their oxbow, apart from the fact that Millie will no longer eat anything solid. She is refusing solid food and I only see her eating the soft foods I prepare for her. I just gave her a spoonful of unsweetened applesauce with nutritional yeast, and she ate some. She's usually a pig, and the fact she's refusing is really worrisome. Millie is also refusing her medicine. She used to take it like candy because it was a rat-friendly flavor, but now she is pushing it away and pulling her head back from it. Daisy still takes hers without a problem. I have not seen Millie drink very much and tried to hydrate her with a syringe, but she is very annoyed with it. I've also tried pedialyte, with very limited success.

I'm almost worried that this could be a stroke. Daisy and Millie are not yet full grown, so is it even possible? They were about six weeks old when I got them, so I would guess that they are around 4 or 5 months old. The only possibility I can think of is possible heat stroke. The AC upstairs has been acting very wacky lately, and I woke up a couple of days ago to a very hot room. I saw that somehow, our computer thermostat decided to automatically jack up the AC to 98 because of some weird energy saving function that kicked in. It never actually got up to 98, though, because I caught it in time. The hottest it got was 78 degrees fahrenheit, and it was probably that hot on and off for a few hours at most. I brought them downstairs where it was in the low 70s and have kept them as cool as possible.

If this keeps up we are going to the vet. But, is this normal behavior for such young rats, aside from the abnormal pooping? I am finding it hard to get them interested in anything right now but sleep and my shoulder.
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