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Slow tumor growth?

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My girl Boba has developed a malignant tumor, and I want her to live out her life as long as possible with her sister, Mochi. Does anyone have any tips on slowing the growth of the tumor?
Also, I hate to think about it, but after Boba passes, what can we do to help Mochi? Do we get her a new cage mate or just play with her all the time so that we don't cause a cycle (losing one rat and getting a new one, then losing the first one and getting another one...)?
These are my first rats, and I love them so much and want the best for them. I am going to France for a week in a couple weeks and am truly dreading it because I am so worried about Boba and what will happen: will she die during the trip? Will she have to be put down before the trip, and if so what do we do with Mochi? So, help is GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks everyone! <3
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Sometimes a steroid will help slow a tumor's growth- I have a rat on prednisolone for that purpose currently, and the other one I've heard about being used in rats is dexamethasone. Ask your vet whether they might help!

How old is Mochi? If you're not planning to have rats over the long term (so that a revolving door situation would be okay) then Mochi might be okay as a solo older rat if she's getting plenty of affection. Of course, that depends on her temperament; some ratties get mopey if they're alone.
Thank you. I wouldn't put her on steroids unless they were sure to work very well and had no consequences. How well do they work, how much longer would a rat live?
Mochi is a year and a half old, same as Boba. It may be a bad idea to get her a cagemate because it'll probably cause her stress, but I don't know what she is thinking.
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