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Small cage tour + advice needed,

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Hey guys! I've had a critter nation since last September and I love it. I really do. I find it hard to decorate, and I thought the easiest way to show you guys what it looks like, and to get advice from you would be to make a small video showing my cage! Just follow the link and it will take you straight to the video. I would adore some feedback on how to make my cage enriching for my ratties,https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Bj2lkz6oE
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I have a lot of wooden chew blocks and random things laying around the cage for them to play with. :3 I always disliked that I couldn't put a bunch of hammocks everywhere in my CN, but I figured out a way to make it more fun, and to have more variation; Add more rings to the hammocks. It lets them hand lower and, if you space them right, you can make a sort of jungle gym for your rats. XD Make things hard to reach, but make them fun places too. :3 My girls love running around on all of the hammocks. Also, some rope is always pretty fun to put around. (I used regular yarn and I turned it into a crocheted chain and then I crocheted the crocheted chain into a crocheted chain and then I cut it into three strips and braided them together. [Sorry if that's complicated XD] and it made a pretty thick and stable rope out of yarn! :3)
Someone on my own cage post told me about some mroe natural things to use for your rats,
some good choices that my girls LOVED were

a dig box (boiled rocks from outside)
foraging (put some food adn treats in the dig box)
nesting. (give some ripped up materials for them to take to their beds.)
Also make them climb a bit more perhaps by taking the levels out and replacing with sticks or ropes for them to balance and climb on :)
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