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Hi Friends!

I am a new rat owner and I am in love! I got a baby female dumbo about a week ago. I noticed in the store that she sneezed a couple of times, but my daughter was smitten and would not give her up. So we brought her home and her sneezes have not gone away. I thought maybe she was just getting used to the new smells of our home, but a couple of days ago I noticed a bit of red around her nose (looked like blood). Now it is gone, but I am getting more worried every day.

I use carefresh in her aquarium home with a wire mesh lid. I am now thinking a wire cage would've been better for ventilation, but I can't spend any more $$.

I talked to the exotic pet store where I purchased her, and they weren't very helpful. Only suggested that I feed her oranges for vitamin C. I've been giving her little bits of orange the last few days (which she seems to really like). But I just feel like it's not a enough. Do you have any suggestions?

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The red discharge is normal, but excessive amounts of it can be a sign of URI (upper respitory infection).
Just wanted to expand on this... Excessive amounts of porphyrin can signify illness itself, not necessary a URI. Could be anything. Illness and stress cause porphyrin.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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