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Sneezing and ear scratching

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As I stalk my rats tactics I notice he sneezes and scratches his ear alot.Ive checked for mites but I see nothing,and ive changed his bedding three times as far as the sneezing goes,is this normal or?He doesnt act sick or anything.
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Well I had cedar bedding at first,but then I read it wasnt a good idea,so I changed it the day after I put it in.I changed it to CareFresh Color Pet Bedding..and he was still ruffling around in it and sneezing,and now its Carefresh Ultra White Pet Bedding.
No but in the mornings when I wake up I spray Freebreeze,but it says its pet friendly AND I never spray it around or at his cage.Only on my bed and such.And whats wrong with color bedding?
Hmm then I think i'll lay off the frebreeze.Do you think giving him a bath would help if he did have mites or something?Or should I just go ahead and look into getting him to a vet for the scratching?
I dont see any irritation though.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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