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Hello. Let me first say I love my babies and I am an absolutely paranoid rat mom. When I first got Pond and Rose, they had a bad case of sneezes and a little blood or ployphorin. I took them to the veta nd because they were so tiny (and probably because I was freaking out in the vets office) she put them on some meds. She said only because they were so tiny to help them out. They were both running and playing and eating. She was very kind and understanding and she had had rats of her own. The vet told me that if it became a recurrent problem she would see them again and then she would see them every so often but would be able to prescribe their meds over the phone. She told me to watch them and if they became lethargic, or stoppped eating them I should bring them in. But that until that happened they were ok. The meds would be for when they acted funny.

Recently they have started sneezing. There was a bit of the red stuff on Ponds nose but it is gone now. They are both eating and drinking and playing. They are acting fine other than sneezing. But I am so worried about them. I am sure they call me the crazy rat lady at the office, I had called them almost everyday when I first got them and took them in. I am trying to keep them quiet in their cage and not take them out to much and I am making sure they get lots of fresh veggies and some fruit. We are even leaving the heat on to keep them warm when we are at work. Is there anything else I should be doing? Any advice anyone has for a pranoid rat mom?

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