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sneezing and red stuff around nose?

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That means resperatory infection, right? One of my rats sneezes and has red stuff around his nose.... I just got him saturday. If the red stuff is like... oozy and snotty, is that it? Because it's kinda dried and crusty looking and it's around the outer part of his nose, not really around his nostrils.... any help please? I'm a little worried.
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Porphyrin is the red stuff... I think I spelled that right. Anyway. Yes, that's often what it indicates. However it can also indicate stress, such as moving to a new home. It would probably be best to get him checked, though. :)
If he seems to be okay otherwise, eating and drinking well, energetic and playful, etc, then it could be okay to wait and see if he's sick or just a bit stressed. But rats can turn downhill quickly so do keep an eye on the baby. :)
10 days is usually not a long enough course to cure an URI, you'll probably get a baytril/doxy prescription. :(
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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