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My new little rat, Rorie, has been concerning me. I got her yesterday and noticed she was sneezing every now and then and I got worried that she has a URI. Due to her being in a glass tank with a bunch of other 'feeder' rats. Later that day I figured she was just a sneezy rat.

(pictures of her nose below they are not that great because she doesn't really like being held)
So today I get her out and I see she has a runny nose. The gunk coming out of her nose was just clear and not a lot. Anyway so I looked up stuff and read that taking her into a steamy bathroom would help so I did that and I clean her cage and put ripped paper towels as her bedding.

Then I bathed her and Cindy because they decided to play in some yogurt. During her bath she sneezed maybe 3 time within a hour and thirty minutes. We then played while they dried.

What do yall think am I just paranoid or could she have a URI? if she does what should I do?


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