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Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone else's rats have ever exhibited this behavior or are my mischief just little weirdos lol. Sometimes they make a sneezing huffing noise on purpose if they're annoyed with us:D

It started with our adult rat Cady a few years back. My fiance was holding a snack in his hand and she was trying to pry his fingers open (very cute). When he wouldn't open his hand she just let out the huffiest sneeze on his hand and marched away. It seems to be a really silly behavior that we hadn't seen before but then passed on to her cagemates and every new rat since.

For example, if Maggie is trying to get in the closet which she knows she's not supposed to, I'll tell her "no" and she'll stop but give a little sneeze about it. None of them have any regular sneezing or URI or anything like that, they seem to do it as a learned behavior to grump at their humans lol.

Anyone else's rats huff at them or develop their own little weird communication?
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