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Sneezy Girl

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One of my girls sneezes kind of often, oh I'd say maybe once an hour.

She always has, and the other ratty does not ever sneeze.

Because she eats just like normal, runs about all the time, and does not show any symptoms of lethargy, I just assume that it's her normal way and she's just a sneezy baby! :)

However, today I felt like I should ask everyone if they have ratties that sneeze often like her? I want to be the best rat owner I can, so I don't want to ignore something if it seems like it's rare. Every once in a while she'll get a little bit of dried porphyrin around her nose but it's gone within the hour and does not come back again for many weeks.

She honestly does not appear to be sickly in anyway and she's about 6 months old now, and has always just been sneezy :) LOL!

Thanks for any input guys!
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She may just be more suseptible to myco flare up. I would have it checked out just in case. I had a rat that was sneezy once and he passed away when he was only a little over a year. then my other rat that i thought only had new home sneezies passed away at about 6 weeks old.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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