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We got 2 male rats for our daughter for Christmas and she is of course ecstatic. After a few weeks I've noticed a couple of things that stand out and wanted to get your thoughts:

1. They almost poop their weight daily. At least it seems that way. Granted, these are two young males (3-4 months old) and they aren't finished growing so maybe that's part of it. And it's not a problem really, just surprising how much.

2. They are still hesitant at being held. We open the cage often and let them come to us smelling our hand at first and then slowly they walk into our hand. But if we slowly make a motion towards them like we are going to pick them up they back off quickly. Is this normal? We adopted them from a local rattery and they were supposedly handled often since birth. We also hand feed them as we've heard that that's one way of getting them comfortable around us.

Does any of this sound unusual or is it normal?

We are loving the rats in our family!
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