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Sorry if this has already been posted...

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I really REALLY want to add a pair of hairless rats to the family, this time I want to do it the right way and get them from a rescue because my petstore that is respectable doesn't carry hairless rats because there isn't enough demand for them. So rescue which is obviously the best choice though farther to travel is what im looking at. First of all, is there anything specifically different in the way one would care for a hairless rat? and Second of all, has anyone had problems with rescues in the past?!
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LOL. wow. haha.

Are hairless rats more susceptable to illnesses and such? I imagine its easier for them to catch colds? I just have to wait until I move before I get one but that gives me time to plan exactly what to do anyway :) hairless rats are just so cute... I never thought so until i saw a bunch at a pet store. I wanted to take them all home but it wasn't the greatest of places so they would have just replaced those poor babies with other ones. :(
I know eh? Doesn't it suck that rats have such short life spans? I guess the only plus side to it is that you can own many over a short period of time and get to know each's personality without having 10 at a time :S its still sad though...

and what about colds... they must be really quick to catch those.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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