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Stinky Rats

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I have a male rat who will just NOT clean himself. He gets so stinky even when I clean the cage every day. My other rats have no problems with daily grooming and his cagemate also cleans him (or tries his best for the little critter he is). I pretty much have to wash him once a day but I am afraid he'll get dry/itchy skin. Does anyone know an alternative way to get the stink away? :?
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Mine girls have that same yucky habit, so it doesnt matter how often they groom or how much i clean them...they still dont smell perty! They do however seem to be picky about where they lay in the litter box. they push the litter to the front and sleep there, and pee and poop in the back corner. Messy lil girls of mine!
i have to use baby wipes on them since they dont care for baths too much.
im still having the same problem. I switched from carefresh to yesterdays news, and now i may try aspen next time. They still lay in the litter box and all three of them smell lol. Since ive had the yesterdays news, my one girl who has always peed in the litterbox, is now peeing outside the litterbox. They just love keeping me on my toes! wait till they all get their baths this weekend. haha
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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