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Hi all - I got four adorable 5 week old boy babies a couple days ago. I have had some time to observe them and have noticed something concerning.

One is smaller than the rest and is constantly trembling/shaking. Not sleeping with the group. Not really playing/exploring a lot.

He definitely has an appetite though and drinks water. Will gently come to me a little bit to take a treat out of my hand. He at times will explore a bit and climb around - always alone. He at times will exhibit normal rat behaviour - cleaning himself, yawning and stretching, etc. But he sure does spend a lot of time just shaking in one spot (the spot changes - often a spot higher than the rest of the rats).

I took a video so you can see what I mean by the shaking: IMG_7764.MOV

I have noticed that the others will at times snatch food from him. So a bit of a power dynamic there.

I asked the owners who rescued a rat that ended up being pregnant with this litter about this. They said it's probably just a case of him missing his tagalong brother that their daughter kept for herself... and being unsure of his surroundings. It’s helpful to know this information but the constant shaking does seem a bit strange to me.

His eyes and nose seem ok to me. if he wasn’t eating or drinking - Id take him to the vet but in this case I feel like it’d be better to give it a bit of time considering how young he is and that I’m new to him. I don’t want to make the situation worse.

Have you ever seen a baby rat consistently shake like this?

The other brothers are acting quite normally. Hiding at times, exploring lots other times - often cuddling together and interacting with each other. All have started to interact with me a bit when I come to the cage opening with treats. It has been exciting and rewarding - I’m just worried about this little guy.
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