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Strange breathing noise

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One of my rats has been diagnosed with URI and is on med since the 29th of October. Her health seemed to have getting better but recently she started a “vrooming” sound when she’s breathing.
I held her close to my ear and I can definitely ear it coming from her lungs. (She doesn’t make that noise all the time though). It’s really hard to explain but a the noise does something like “vroom vroom vroom” when she’s breathing. I tried to record her but since she’s young she was moving everywhere and I didn’t manage to.

Do you have an idea on what’s happening? I’m worried her URI might get worse

(sorry for the grammar and the bad English)
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I would take her back to the vets if she is not fully recovered after the required 3 weeks of antibiotics.Sometimes the infection is resistant and the rat has to stay on meds.I hope she gets better.But,you still have another week to go,so hopefully she will improve.
Also,sometimes they can be left with a bit of scarring that can give them laboured or noisy breathing sometimes,but they can often cope with it well.
I saw my vet again and Yara is on meds for 3 more weeks. The vet said she was getting better but that her URI was still there. Do you know how long can a URI last?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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