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Prior information: I have 8 rats, 1 male and 7 females (I had 10 total, but 2 females passed this week). My boy (Pluto) is approximately a year and a half old, and got fixed around 4-5 months old.

The past few days, Pluto has started to act a bit erratic and aggressive. He has never really liked being picked up/held, so for the most part I just leave him be. However, the other day I had to pick him up to move him so I could clean the cage, and he squeaked like I had hurt him. He then proceeded to spin in a circle and groom the end of his tail (he has no head tilt, and that was the only time he did it.) Any time I tried to pick him up from there he would squeak as though he was injured. Just from moving him carefully, I can't see any marks on him, whether it be a scratch, bump, etc.

Last night (or more, at 4 AM) I woke up to screaming and saw him going after his cagemates, I didn't see him actually bite or scratch any of them, but he was really going at it. It's probably the most intense I've ever seen any of my rats. I keep a spray bottle nearby the cage since they find it to be enjoyable, especially during the summer, so I used that to "cool" everyone down. After that, I took out the space-pod that he has basically declared as "his," noting that he tended to get more aggressive when one of the girls would go in with him.

Note: He has never been aggressive over the space-pod before. He always sleeps there, and there's almost always 2-3 females in with him. This is the first I've seen him become aggressive with it.

I took it out for the night, and woke up later this morning to find him sleeping alongside 5 of my girls in one of the big baskets like nothing happened. Tried picking up him, and same response as last time.

I don't know if he's in pain, aggravated, or what, but I have no way to take him to the vet until at least July due to COVID, so I'm kind of stuck right now.
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