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Sudden Rat Aggression??

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new to the forums, hello!!

ive looked all over the internet but cant seem to find any cause for this, so i thought id post about it. i have three males (walnut, cashew, and lil mac) who have been together for quite some time. they have a large cage, plenty of room, and i let them out to run around every day. i hold each of them individually every day as well. this morning, walnut has shown some serious signs of aggression to both of his cagemates. this is not food-related, as they have plenty of food and werent eating at the time. every time walnut gets near either of them, they tussle loudly and continuously until blood is drawn, always started by walnut. cashew and lil mac are terrified to go near him; lil mac's ear was nicked and it drew blood, while cashew was attacked more seriously near the neck and legs.

ive separated walnut temporarily and hes currently running around my room acting completely normal. nothing new to the environment has changed, everything is the same save for walnut's behavior. is this normal for males and it'll go away eventually, or do i have to make some serious changes?
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Hi there.
Welcome to the forum.
I think you have done the right thing separating Walnut for now - it wouldn't be nice for the others being constantly on edge waiting to get pounced on.
How old is Walnut? Is he an entire male? How old are Cashew and Lil Mac?
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