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Sun Seed Rat Food

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Does anyone know of any harmful carcinogens in this rat food mix? I can buy it at Pet Land here in town, and haven't heard anyone mention it here on the forum. I want to get off the kaytee rat diet. Had no idea how bad that crap is. You'd think any brand making food for any animal would be sensitive to the animals health... society is so sad any more... all about the dollar. :(
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Generally I don't trust anything labeled as rat food from any company.

I can't tell you about carcinogens, but I do know that if one of the main ingredients is corn then that pretty much means it's junk.
Yep, then exactly as I said, steer clear of it. It's not that corn is particularly bad for rats, it's just that they don't digest it so they aren't really getting any nutrients out of it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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