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My rats are on science selective as their main food. They also get fresh veggies daily.
I do have a mix but they are very picky with it, so i only feed it once in a while for extra variety. (ratrations mix).

I know in the uk (where they feed ratrations mixes as main food,supplemented with calcivet and daily essentials) it is common to give extra supplements to older rats, like dr squigles easy mover or senior aid.
It is said to have good ingredients for all kinds of elderly problems.
I don't know... do they use this because they do not feed a compleet food and the older rats need some extra's? Or do you think this can also be a good supplement when you already feed a complete mainfood like science selective? It should be good for rats with HLD.

Do you feed your old rats anything extra besides the kibble/nugget and fresh veggies?
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