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Supplements for Rats

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My girls are getting on a bit and I would like to add a little pick me up to their water or feed.
They seem to sleep an awful lot but I think that's because they haven't had any toys to play with for a while since they broke the last lot. Also recently I've had to put one of the girls to sleep because she developed massive tumours and I think the other two are missing her.
They also seem to me a little underweight despite getting plenty to eat.

Any suggestions? Preferably a UK supplier please.

Many Thanks
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uncooked peeled potatoes or other uncooked stachy foods like pasta will add in the weight. a good nutrient drink like boost or ensure will help with a vitimins boost. warmed oatmeal or baby foods are another favorite for an ailing rat that may be having trouble getting enough to eat or chewing. on that note check their teeth to make sure they aren't getting too long either as some older rats have problems keeping them worn down. carnberries are also good for helping prevent urinary tract infections and something else but i can't remember if this was the one that is suspected to help prevent mamorary tumors or respiratory flare-ups.... mind you either one has not yet been confirmed but there is a possbile link. i'm not sure if they've found any harder evidance with it yet or not.
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