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i just got in from work and went to the rat room at my girlfriends, and all of them were having free time i sat down and just as i did, harry climbed up a fireguard protecting wires and fell onto his tail

he squeeled and licked his tail, then lauren my girlfriend went to get him and he went to attack her and the other two rats Makk and Kai went over and he had a go at them then ran and hid.

we knew instantly it was his tail because it was curling round when he walked when its usualy always straight.

rang the vets

got an emergency appointment in the next hour

- vet said it could possible be broken although he cant see any swelling or anything, or it could possibly just be badly twisted.

he weighed to ensure he got right dosage and then gave him a 24 hour pain relief injection and told us to keep an eye on him

poor Harry he was obviously in sooo much pain = [

we're going back tomorrow to the same vets with another rat - Makk with respiratory problems also.

just thought i'd share this with you all.

vets bills near christmas = [
who cares i love the little buggers = ] even if they give me heart attacks.
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