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Ive been reading the post on here and sitting at my laptop a
lot of times crying over the story's i read.

This story is about Sydney my 1st rat i had and the best friend i could of had!.

The start of me having rats was up to a hamster called holly i only had her a week and we didn't really bond after we got her she was fine but scared and through the week she got skinny and would eat so we took her to the pet shop which has a vets in the shop he gave us some Baytril and said come back in 3 days and we will see if she's better but nothing happened she had to be put to sleep.

so i had a choice to get a hamster or a rat and i picked a rat i had saw Sydney the day i got holly so i picked her and my dad wanted one to go with Sydney so my dad picked Ally.

Sydney and Ally lived in my room in there cage my dad lost interest after a while but i loved them. Sydney would always come to me when i called her name ally was still shy but sydney would sit on my shoulder while i was walking around the house sitting under my hair she never mind me walking around ever where she wanted to be out of her cage. She loved going on my mom and dads bed to have a snoop around.

She carried on with life giving birth to 10 beautiful baby's sadly one died but she was a great mother and when they grew she was fine with them to move on after that i brought more rats even though they were males she didnt mind that she didnt have a cage mate he had me.

She started getting ill after she turned 1 but she was still lively we took her to the vets and he gave her some meds and kept her there but sadly she couldnt pull threw my mom brought her back to me and i holded her for like to hours i didnt want her to go she was my best friend because i dont have many friends and i didnt want to say goodbye to her but i had to me and my mom buried her in a nicely box coated in velt in the front garden and put a plant there(its still there) after a few hours i wanted to dig her back up but i couldnt i had to let her go. she was the best rat i could of ever had she has leaded me one to have billy,jack,max,marley,mable,twirl,bubba and hopefully many more in the future and still she rats that look like her and i want to cry like i do when i read other people's story.

i should of exspressed myself earlier but it wasnt untill reading people's storys that incoraged me to do so i wish i had some more time with u sydney your are the one most animals i will always remember untill i die

I will always love you no matter what and i will meet u again and know that you was ok and peaceful

P.S sorry it was long to had to exspress everything. Thanks for reading
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