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Tail Sprain?

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Hey guys! Long time no see.

I'm on Day 2 after Kari's tail has been hurt. Not sure what happened, be it I accidentally did it or she landed wrong, I'm unsure.

It's not bad, but it's slightly red and a little bit of a bump. She shows no pain towards me, letting me touch and move it but will cry slightly if Dot tries anything (mostly humping). Which was only a few times, but still.

While my mom pretty much refuses to take her unless it's serious, I thought I'd come ask to see how bad it can get (ei. infection or tail loss, etc). [Since my car's down, she's my ride atm.] I'm still learning so much and I just really don't want to make a mistake and risk loosing my baby.

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Edit: Also, should I try giving her any pain meds in the mean time?
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Looks like it got stuck somehow. I see a little bruise.
Usually an injury like that can recover on it's own. I don't think she's going to lose it. Just keep an eye on it, give it about a week to get better. If it get's worse go to a vet. You can give her a low dose of Infant Ibuprofen, but if she's not acting like she's in pain I would just give 10mg/kg (can help with the swelling).
Thanks Velo! <3

I'll probably wait to give it to her tonight before bed, so we can all get a good night's sleep. They're enjoying the chicken bones from gumbo atm, haha.
i've had a couple rats sprain there tails, i dont tend to give pain meds unless they show signs of it bothering them as i think a small amount of pain stops them doing anything stupid (like using it too much of flying around like a nutter). One of my guys sprains recovered perfeclty, the other has a perminant slightly bent tail which curls more to one side than the other. It doesnt bother him but he is less steady generally.
UPDATE // Almost all of Kari's tail has turned blue/green suddenly during the night and I'm super scared that it's necrosis! I wait the day to see if it would get better, and for a bit I thought it was, but now it seems worse than before! Help?

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It's a very odd colour for a tail to turn. It looks more like the dye from brightly coloured wooden toys. The bit that worrys me though Is the tail looking narrow in the middle, like it goes in. That could be a purely visual affect from the colouring though. How does it feel, is it warm all along and can she use/move it all the way along the length. Also when feeling along the tail does it go in then out our is it a smooth narrowing to the tip
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