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Tail Wagging

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Hello!So, I just wanted to tell a small story about my rat Remy that happened a few days ago. This new behavior about him just made me laugh .w. So, one thing about Remy is that he likes to watch my bedroom door when there are noises outside of it. Such as my relatives passing by the door or the dogs walking by. Just to note, my door is closed when I let him out so he can't see anything nor can they see him. Well, the dogs walk by my door very often and you can hear their claws clacking on the hardwood floor. Remy can, of course, hear them very easily. Well, once when the dogs walked by he started wagging and thumping his tail on my bed. I just laughed because it looked silly and it tickled me xD However, I looked it up immediately what that meant. I knew it had something to do with the dogs because it happened when they walked by. I saw that it had two possible meanings: one was excitement and the other was when a predator was nearby. Since it was the dogs, I figured it was the predator explanation. But I saw that they also mentioned that the use of it is kind of unknown.The second time he did it was when my elderly chihuahua came into my room to eat her dinner. He was out on my bed at the same time and was watching her. As he was doing this, he did a small tail wag. A bit of thumping too. So, I'm figuring it has something to do with predators. Any other reasons they might do this? Or do you know for sure it's predators that cause this? It's mighty cute and funny but an interesting behavior nonetheless.
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Usually rats swish their tails only from being very nervous, but very rarely it can be from happiness. Although I doubt that is the case here...
Yeah I don't think he's too happy with the dogs there. I can see he is nervous around them. But it's only happened the two times I've mentioned. Other than that, he hasn't done it much even though the dogs have been heard by him more times than that. Before and after the two times he's done it.
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