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Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here has a tailess rat? Also wonderin what colours they can be and if their tailess has any disadvantages? My rat Bones is a healthy little beast and is very agile but is there anything i need to look out for?
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I got her from a pet shop (big mistake i now realise as she isn't good at all with being handled but she's gettin there), and they said she came from the breeder like that. I asked if there has ever been any blood in her cage, looked for scarring etc and there was nothing. She has no tail what so ever! Just a little round bum! She has very long back legs and carries her bum quite high which apparently is normal for a manx, so I reckon she is a genetic. I'll look out for toliet troubles but she seems to be fine so far. I wasn't planning on breeding her but thanks for all the advice :)
She does, a male Rizla, when I bought her the pet shop they told me she was a boy. I get her home and there is definatley no boy parts! So I had to get a separate cage for her.My original plan was to neuture Rizla and keep them together until some1 advised me that its dangerous 4 rats. I now know otherwise so when I have the money they can both live together. I am slightly worried though as Rizla was always rough with his other cage mate and as Bones is blind I dont want him to hurt her, any tips?
They told me that the neutering itself was dangerous cause he's 2. Which looking back on it does sound daft cause I have my dog spayed which means she's less likely to get certain cancers etc so why wouldn't the same apply to a rat? As far as her balancing she is more agile than any rat I've met! She can really jump as well, despite being quite small. Thanks for the advice :)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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