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I am at the vet with Sprinkles (she is having respiratory distress-I don't know if she'll make it) and I'm posting from my mobile phone. Anyway, there's a couple here, they've brought a male rat in to be checked out. They have a hamster tank with another full grown yound male, four 2-3 month old females, one of whom is pregnant and one who had a litter of 9 babies today (also in the tank). There are many things wrong. Too many in a tank, the tank is horribly stinky, the momma is not really taking care of her babies, and the male is not separated from the females which will no doubt result in more babies. I have taken two (hopefully not pregnant) females from them and I'm giving them a tank tomorrow. I don't like them, but I'm trying to help their rats. So, if anyone is in the Milwaukee/Madison area and wants some rats....I guess they've had a few litters before and have taken them to the pet store. I think I hate these people, their disregard for these lives is discusting. I also am very worried about the new babies. I advised them to see if the pet store had a recent mother who might be able to care for them-I think the momma is just too young. Any suggestions?
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